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The Evolving Landscape of IT Outsourcing: Building Long-term, Adaptive Partnerships

Ben Trowbridge

In an era of rapid technological progress and global competition, the landscape of information technology (IT) outsourcing has shifted significantly and created the need for Long Term Adaptive Partnerships in Outsourcing. The problem remains on how the evolving landscape of IT Outsourcing builds long-term adaptive partnerships. Traditional long-term IT relationships, characterized by rigid contracts and …

5 Trends in Global Business Center Development

Ben Trowbridge

Offshore captive development and Global Business Services (GBS) have been integral to the growth and expansion of multinational corporations in recent years. With globalization and technological advancements, the offshoring industry has undergone significant changes, and offshore captives and GBS centers have evolved to fulfill changing business needs. The continued expansion of the middle and senior …

The Evolution of the Cybersecurity Landscape

Ben Trowbridge

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, with new threats and vulnerabilities emerging every day. As a result, the cybersecurity industry is continually adapting to keep up with these trends and provide effective solutions to mitigate cybersecurity risks. Here are some key trends in cybersecurity that are likely to continue in the coming years: Increased Use …

How to Target the Right Cybersecurity Services for your Consulting firm

Ben Trowbridge

Over the last several years, I have been asked to lead or coach a business seeking to develop cybersecurity-managed services to extend its consulting and/or cybersecurity consulting practice. These firms include the largest of firms, such as EY, through regional MSPs serving SMB clients. Finding the right mix of cybersecurity services can be challenging, as …

The Top 4 Key Competencies Required for a Consulting Firm to Excel at Managed Services

Ben Trowbridge

Consulting firms ranging from the Big 4 to Regional Firms looking to deliver Managed Services and establish strong long-term client relationships must adopt a fundamentally new set of behaviors across various marketing, sales, and operational delivery teams. This requires a nuanced approach to change management that should be viewed as an exciting journey in Managed …

What Are Your Options to Create a Global Delivery Capability?

Ben Trowbridge

Summary: Even companies that might have a global footprint already can struggle with creating a balanced global delivery capability to control costs and access the right talent. Their experience and familiarity with their current situation can often cloud the decision as they are often too close to the problem to develop an unbiased and well-rounded …

How a Consulting Firm Builds a Successful Managed Services Practice

Ben Trowbridge

Consulting firms including Big4 and Regional Accounting firms have the amazing ability to frame a problem, develop a process, gather data, and develop a fact-based solution that can be a real boost for leadership teams that need an unbiased external perspective. However, when a consulting firm is asked to build a managed services practice, the …

Explosive Growth Digital Transformation

Mike Sarantopoulos, SVP, Insurance Practice, NTT DATA, Inc

A successful digitalization strategy is critical to insurance firms’ survival. This white paper examines effective strategies for overcoming internal obstacles to digital transformation and the crucial role data plays in any insurance carrier’s business. Additionally, it clarifies the foundational capabilities that are key to a successful digital transformation initiative. They include: Driving business transformation with …

The Shift to a Patient-Centric Healthcare Ecosystem

Adam Nelson, Vice President, Industry Solutions, HealthCare and Life Sciences, NTT DATA

Data is at the epicenter of the transformation of U.S. healthcare to a consumer-centric ecosystem, primarily due to the multitude of participants who want to view what they need, when they need it, via the channel they prefer. Additionally, it all must be their information, and it must be accurate. Thus it has become imperative …

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