Seven Ways to Ruin an SLA Discussion | White Paper

Lucky sphere with number 7 on blue“Get over it: SLAs will make or break your business (and career).”

I heard that from more than one of my managers early in my career, way back when “we’ve done this for 20 years, SLAs are a piece of cake!” was a standard way of thinking. If you still feel that way, you might be stuck in old habits. Because SLAs then and SLAs now are not the same. How you approach a service level discussion has radically changed over the past few years. Thanks to process standards like ITIL, new service delivery models like cloud computing and techniques like virtualization, almost anyone can deliver quality IT services. What really differs is the experience ofhow well people and services around the service work—that means service management and governance.

But how do you provide an SLA to measure service management or governance? If you’re not careful, an SLA can be your worst nightmare—read on to find out how these nightmares happen so you can avoid them.

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