Accelerate your plan to build a
low-cost center

Build-Operate-Transfer is an engagement model that allows you to quickly extend your operational capabilities by creating a low-cost center based on your exact requirements, operated on your behalf, and later transferred to your ownership. BOT preserves control by enlisting an experienced partner to guide your journey.
Captive operations

Build Operate Transfer

Build - your captive offshore center

Accelerate your results

The Outsourcing center will lead the discovery, building, and
scaling of your offshore center.


We will lead you through the site selection process and then build out your captive center in India, the Philippines, or another region of the world. We use our fast-track process to accelerate your planning and lower your hard and soft costs. Foundational to this program is to assess your unique requirements and culture, the most suitable locations to create your world-class offshore captive center and assist you in developing the most effective way to coordinate your global operations.

Build Operate Transfer

Operate - on your behalf

Creating a culture of excellence

We will operate the center on your behalf, continue to improve operating performance,
and prepare it for eventual transfer to your ownership.

We will operate your center on your behalf and introduce processes, tools, and techniques to improve your operations and create a culture of continuous improvement. The Outsourcing Center will continue to evaluate your operations and recommend combinations of Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and analytics to deliver unprecedented process intelligence to your organization.


Build Operate Transfer

Transfer the center to your ownership

Accelerated Results

When the time is right, we will transfer the center to you as agreed and work to assist
your leadership team as needed.

As agreed in our contract, you can decide to transfer ownership directly to your company. All team members are transferred to your company, and the overall operation is transferred to your company. If requested, the Outsourcing Center will continue to provide oversight or coaching.

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