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Lenders Benefit When U.S. Law Firm Outsources Their Due Diligence Work | Article

John Harney, Business Writer

Investors buying loan portfolios want to know about the individual loans in them. Law firms do this for their clients. Before outsourcing, Zarski and Associates hired paralegals who often knew nothing about consumer credit law. Now his supplier iBridge has lawyers in Delhi and Banaglore review the portfolios. I can get an Indian lawyer for $35 an hour and a U.S. paralegal for $50 an hour. Guess which one I’ll take? says David Zarski.

India Courts Western Law Firms | Article

Rashmi Agarwal, Business Writer, India

Legal services are joining customer contact, transaction services, debt collection, and payroll processing as processes the West is migrating to India. Read why US and UK law firms are outsourcing to the subcontinent.

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