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A Merger, a Consolidation and a Transformation: The Critical First Steps

Outsourcing Center, Patti Putnicki, Business Writer

16th Annual Outsourcing Excellence Awards – Best ITO: Towers Watson and Dell Services  “The biggest mistake companies make is picking a provider and then treating them like a vendor. You can hire the best company in the world, but if you don’t work with that provider as a team, you are going to fail.”John Dabek, …

Automation: the Key to a Successful Dynamic Enterprise in the "Now Economy" | Article

Simon Shah, Redwood

Today’s business enterprise is in a state of continuous change—the pressure to optimize performance while lowering costs is enormous. The real-time expectations of the ‘now’ economy is no longer limited to manufacturing and shipping but is driven by information services, an increasingly mobile workforce and time-sensitive legislation. This means that quick response, transparency and real-time …

Six Ways to Tell Your Outsourcing Relationship Has Become Too Informal | Article

Frank Usher, Managing Consultant

Renewing and renegotiating outsourcing relationships is a great learning experience about what can go wrong in a relationship.  One prevalent characteristic is the informality of the provider/customer relationship in long-standing relationships. Contracts that have been in place seven-ten years often lapse into an informality that has the provider acting more as an internal IT department …

Outsourcing and Consolidation Driving the Newspaper Business | Article

John Harney, Business Writer

What if the New York Times replaced Pulitzer Prize winner Gretchen Morgenson, cited for her “trenchant and incisive Wall Street coverage”, with a writer in India to save four-fifths of her salary? Absurd, you say? Absurd or not, doing so seems to be a developing trend in American newspapers. Though it’s unlikely a writer of …

Cloud Computing: Four Legal Pitfalls to Avoid | Article

Outsourcing Center, Samuel Crow, Senior Business Writer

Part of the charm of cloud computing for many corporate leaders is its seemingly simple set up: sign on the dotted line, flip a switch, and the service is up and running. But taking that first step too lightly can lead to complex and costly problems down the road for cloud buyers. “Many customers look …

Outsourcing Center Announces Winners of 16th Annual Outsourcing Excellence Awards | Article


Outsourcing Center Announces Winners of 16th Annual Outsourcing Excellence Awards Events to be held May 24th in Grapevine, TX DALLAS, April 11, 2012 ─ Outsourcing Center, the leading resource of outsourcing best-practice information, announced winners of the 2012 Outsourcing Excellence Awards: Best Partnership: U.S. Army Information Technology Agency, Defense Continuity Integrated Network (ITA DCIN) and …

An Outsider’s View: Why Hire an Outsourcing Consultant | Article

James A. Harvey, Partner in the IP & Technology Transactions Group, Alston + Bird LLP

In our capacity as counsel to Global 1000 companies in sourcing transactions, we are frequently asked whether we recommend use of a third-party outsourcing consultant. The answer to that question is generally “Yes, by all means,” especially if the transaction is outside the norm for that entity and entails new components that are beyond the …

Study: U.S. Companies Prefer “Farshore” to Nearshore Outsourcing, Send Higher Value Work Abroad

Outsourcing Center, Samuel Crow, Senior Business Writer

For all the talk of the new allure of nearshore or even stateside outsourcing, most U.S. companies today still prefer to base their service operations half a world away, according to researchers at the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) and the International Offshoring Research Network’s (ORN) Project at Duke University’s Fuqua School …

Unprotected Tooling: High Risk Practices in Chinese Manufacturing Part 2 | Article

Thomas Keenan and Geofrey L. Master, Mayer Brown JSM

In part 2 of this series, we’ll discuss common problems in tooling as well as tooling in the real world and the importance of comprehensive, enforceable tooling arrangements. Part 1 defines tooling as part of the integrated outsourcing process as well as tooling financing and ownership. As a result of globalization and the ability of …

When Should You Begin to Prepare for the End of an Outsourcing Contract? | Article

Robert Joslin, Managing Director, Alsbridge

Hint: 12 Months Out is TOO Late When should you start working on your next outsourcing contract? Many organizations do not address the end of a contract until the last year of its term. The notification period in the contract, typically six t-to12 months, usually triggers this discussion. However I believe this is a mistake. …

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