Reducing Costs While Improving Patient Safety

By GAVS Technologies

How healthcare providers are cutting costs and improving patient care by integrating IMS, Compliance, Business Intelligence and Mobility solutions

According to Gartner, the pace and magnitude of IT-enabled changes in the healthcare sector will increase dramatically during this decade. Highly available, aware and responsive infrastructures are fast becoming the focus of CIOs, with attention shifting to high-velocity medicine in a high-performance work setting. Consequently, real-time health systems, automation, interoperability and mobility are all becoming issues of critical importance in the current healthcare IT landscape.

Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDOs) face several key issues such as improving clinical quality and patient safety, cost containment due to budget cuts, IT infrastructure modernization, leveraging government incentives and investments in Health IT, and setting up Health Information Exchanges (according to a Gartner report). To achieve cost efficiencies and improve patient outcomes in this difficult environment, they will need the help of integrated, turnkey IT infrastructure solutions and strategies that deliver agility and innovation across their organizations.

This white paper will examine several challenges faced by healthcare providers and the many advantages of implementing a holistic, turnkey and integrated Infrastructure Management Solution (IMS) aimed at reducing costs while simultaneously improving compliance and patient safety.

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