100 Lessons Learned – Mistakes and Successes of Outsourcing Buyers | Article


100 Lessons Learned – Mistakes and Successes of Outsourcing BuyersAs GE’s Jack Welch states, mistakes can often be as good a teacher as success. In studying outsourcing relationships through Outsourcing Center’s annual Outsourcing Excellence Awards program since 1996, Outsourcing Center has aggregated and analyzed the lessons learned – mistakes and successes – by hundreds of buyers and providers of outsourcing services.

These lessons learned create a valuable body of knowledge and insights gained by real-world experience as to what worked and didn’t work in outsourcing relationships. You can apply these lessons learned in your relationship to help ensure your success in achieving anticipated outcomes.

We’re now making available to you a report on 100 Lessons Learned by Buyers of Outsourcing Services, which have not been included any of the previously published articles and white papers on our site or in our Best Practices white paper series.  These 100 lessons learned focus on issues related to each phase in the outsourcing life cycle – provider selection, contract negotiation, structuring governance, transition, ongoing services, and contract exit or renewal.

Click here for free access to the 100 Lessons Learned.

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