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Solution Delivers High-Quality Customer Experience with Travel Agents | Article

Outsourcing Center, Kathleen Goolsby, Senior Writer

Call centers can impact a travel agency’s market share because of the large number of customer interactions. Yet a March study of North American consumers sounded an alarm for call centers that don’t have the requisite technology to ensure satisfactory customer experiences. Here’s how two travel-related businesses solved that technology problem.

A Better Way to Handle Hazard Insurance Processing | Article

Outsourcing Center, Kathleen Goolsby, Senior Writer

Mortgage lenders need assurance that the proper hazard insurance coverage is in place for the loans they issue. But that comes with significant headaches and unnecessary costs for lenders that still do their hazard insurance processing and tracking in house. Here’s what the leaders are finding as benefits in outsourcing this process.

IT Talent: A Shortage in India? | Article

Eric Schoeniger, Business Writer

India is perceived as a cornucopia of IT talent. But some organizations are discovering that certain IT skills are increasingly scarce. Read about the current labor situation and what it means for your outsourcing effort.

ASP Makes Customer Service Self-Service | Article

Outsourcing Center, Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, Senior Writer

ATI manufactures 400 cards for video games. Dissatisfaction with multiple suppliers led it to select a single source solution. ASP Parature improved customer satisfaction and decreased incoming call volume by 80 percent through its self-service options.

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