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Maximizing Healthcare Payment Automation | White Paper

Outsourcing Center, Staff Writer

More than half of the transactions within the US healthcare industry are still paper-based. In addition, there is a processing lag if the payment is paper and the remittance is electronic. Several major challenges plague the healthcare industry’s quest to automate the payments process, and many healthcare providers, billing companies, and banks serving healthcare providers …

Leveraging Agile’s Skills to Create Successful ADM Outsourcing

Brandi Moore, Business Writer

Jim Chiang, CEO of NeoContext, an Agile consultancy, says, “One of the biggest hurdles in outsourcing is getting over the collaboration hump. It’s too easy to put together a project plan and send it over the fence for implementation. We all know this is a preferred strategy, but it doesn’t work.” So how do applications …

Eight Biggest Areas of Risk for Buyers of Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Center, Kathleen Goolsby, Senior Writer

New delivery models, new pricing models, service providers’ new marketing strategies, moving up the value chain to intellectual arbitrage, new technologies, real-time customer interaction, globalization, and new standards and regulations – these factors set the stage for risks for buyers of outsourcing services in the next two to five years. (Read Forces of Change Shaping …

When is an SLA Not Necessary in an Outsourcing Relationship?

Outsourcing Center, Kathleen Goolsby, Senior Writer

A service level agreement (SLA) plays two important roles in an outsourcing arrangement. It sets the stage for the service provider’s accountability, and it is the major factor in determining the price of the service. The buyer of outsourced services can achieve a comfort level that it’s getting what it pays for if it regularly …

How a Well-Planned Outsourcing Transition Weathered a Changing Economy and Vendor Challenges

Outsourcing Center, Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, Senior Writer

There are always unanticipated challenges in even the most well-thought-out transition. This relationship faced two major ones. First, a software vendor tried to extract $300,000 from Dell Services by forcing it to pay a licensing fee. Then, the global recession changed everything. The successful solutions were a harbinger of good things to come.

How Outsourcing Transformed a Hotel Operator into a Services Company

Outsourcing Center, Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, Senior Writer

When this outsourcing relationship started, Grupo Posadas was a hospitality provider in Latin America. Today, it has transformed itself into a services company with multiple revenue streams in a variety of vertical markets. Grupo Posadas formed four new companies based on the platform it created with Oracle On Demand.

How Outsourcing Buyers Get Comfortable with Giving up Process Control

Outsourcing Center, Kathleen Goolsby, Senior Writer

Giving up control over the outsourced process is a basic principle in how outsourcing works, but many buyers find it difficult to do this at the outset of a relationship. An Outsourcing Center study looked at the factors that cause initial discomfort and what makes a buyer feel comfortable enough to turn over control to the provider.

Social Media and Its New Role in Business

Outsourcing Center, Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, Senior Writer

Rahul Koul, Manager, Strategic Marketing, Wipro Kathik Nagendra, Manager, Wipro, Council for Industry Research Wipro Voice: A Conversation on Digital Platforms with Rahul Koul, Manager, Strategic Marketing, and Kathik Nagendra, Manager, Wipro Council for Industry Research It’s cheaper. It’s more effective. Its reach is virtually boundless. And it’s all in one place. “Social networking and …

BDO Annual Technology Report Finds CFOs Outsourcing More Work to China, India, Reversing Last Year’s Trend

Outsourcing Center, Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, Senior Writer

What a difference a year makes. A 2009 study of American chief financial officers in U.S. high-tech companies predicted the new hot location was the United States. The 2010 study discovered the opposite: China and India regained their position as the primo offshoring locations for IT services, according to Don Jones, Partner, International Tax Services …

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