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During the transition CSC had to move 55 percent of Sun’s application development offshore, hire 450 employees in India during a national boom, and build two data centers in 60 days. Sun Microsystems expected CSC to produce immediate productivity gains with 42 fewer people, maintain service to 35,000 Sun employees, and support 600 applications. Here’s why it worked.

When the government agencies award a contract to IT vendors, they expect them to ramp up staff in a hurry. But carrying staff to potentially service a big contract is as cost-prohibitive as maintaining a large human resources department. That was the challenge for EMCO Technologies, a small Louisiana IT company. It hired Administaff to pick up the HR load so it could land more federal contracts and expand nationally.

How do you hire 1,000 human resource employees ASAP when you’re the untested new kid on the block? That was the challenge Visteon Corporation faced right before Ford spun off the automobile parts manufacturer. Manpower Business Solutions helped the newcomer fill its roster and cut its time to hire 50 percent.