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This was one of the first North American offshoring relationships. Nortel outsourced to India in 1991 because it couldn’t find enough employees with the specialized knowledge it needed. At same time, Wipro wanted to expand beyond India. The timing was right for both partners to attempt something new. What’s remarkable: both partners are still happy after 16 years!

Many companies don’t achieve the anticipated outcomes in their outsourcing initiatives because they don’t take the right steps up front. Here’s how the fifth-largest homebuilder in the United States built an outstanding outsourcing relationship that produced the outcomes the client wanted.

Call centers can impact a travel agency’s market share because of the large number of customer interactions. Yet a March study of North American consumers sounded an alarm for call centers that don’t have the requisite technology to ensure satisfactory customer experiences. Here’s how two travel-related businesses solved that technology problem.

What would you do if you were a start-up company that immediately experienced phenomenal growth and then encountered regulatory challenges? Arizona Vanilla found an outsourcing solution that just keeps growing like its own products.