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New Impacts on Outsourcing in 2009 | Article

Outsourcing Center, Kathleen Goolsby, Senior Writer

New influences on outsourcing in 2009 include such factors as SOA, green IT, and the convergence of technology and business processes. Each will impact the value proposition and decision making. Here are the insights that will help to prepare your company for these impacts.

Game Changers in HR Outsourcing and Talent Management

Outsourcing Center, Kathleen Goolsby, Senior Writer

HRO and talent management processes are taking some dramatic turns. Here are the insights you need to know about what’s happening with the value proposition in both of these areas and how decision-making needs to be altered going forward.

Source One Provides End-to-End and On-Demand Strategic Sourcing Solution for Mid-market Companies | Article

Outsourcing Center, Kathleen Goolsby, Senior Writer

Mid-size companies are limited in their ability to drive continuous improvements in cost and performance for strategic sourcing of goods and materials. And it’s too costly for companies to maintain domain expertise in every category of spend and keep up with current market in each area. Outsourcing to Source One solves these problems, and a contingency-based model for pricing based on a percentage of savings achieved provides even more value.

Cost Savings, SLAs, and Supplier Selection Criteria Benchmarks from 2007 Outsourcing Excellence Awards | Article

Outsourcing Center, Kathleen Goolsby, Senior Writer

Outsourcing Center’s study of 86 relationships participating in the 2007 Outsourcing Excellence Awards program revealed several significant benchmarks. A major finding: buyers felt cultural fit and a partnering relationship approach were a major key to success; they used them as supplier-selection criteria more than in the past decade of the awards relationships.

BPO Innovation: It’s the Technology, Stupid!

Outsourcing Center, Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, Senior Writer

Innovation is outsourcing’s new buzz word. However, it’s a lot easier to talk about innovation than do it. SAP’s Gianni Giacomelli discusses the techniques that work and the traps to avoid.

An Offshore Pioneer Shares Its Recipe for Long-Term Success | Article

Outsourcing Center, Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, Senior Writer

This was one of the first North American offshoring relationships. Nortel outsourced to India in 1991 because it couldn’t find enough employees with the specialized knowledge it needed. At same time, Wipro wanted to expand beyond India. The timing was right for both partners to attempt something new. What’s remarkable: both partners are still happy after 16 years!

The Impact of Collaboration in BPO for Print Services | Article

Outsourcing Center, Kathleen Goolsby, Senior Writer

Managing the North American marketing-related print collateral needs of Unilever’s 400 brands in more than 100 countries is an enormous task. Outsourcing printing needs is not the same as outsourcing procurement, especially where it may impact creativity in marketing. Unilever turned to a managed-services provider with a collaborative approach. The results have been stellar.

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