Why Relationship Matters in Delivering Results to CFOs | White Paper

By Kumar Subramaniam, CFO, SPi Global

The role of the CFO has been transformed with today's top finance executives managing a broad set of responsibilities that span financial and strategic decision making.

According to numerous surveys of CFOs across a wide set of industry segments, CFOs remain responsible for reporting past financial performance but are also taking a leading role in defining where the business is going and how fast it can get there. As a CFO and Senior Treasury Officer, my role typified this expectation by managing taxation, treasury, and risk management departments, providing insight and analysis to CEOs and other senior leaders, and representing the organization and its strategic goals to external stakeholders.

No doubt you have experienced this directly by helping guide your organization to take a more strategic role in contributing to the company's overall success. Rather than being seen solely as "the numbers guys," you and your team have likely taken an increased role in strategic planning, new product introductions, and market expansion decisions.

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